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Join us this Saturday, 6/27, for our monthly FREE community workout at Townlake under the Mopac Bridge. Open to the public! RSVP HERE.

Monday, 6/22
Nae Nae Attack- by Coach Megan

10 snatches
15 goblet jump squats
20 jump lunges
20m lateral shuffle
80m sprint

Tuesday, 6/23
Death by Speed- by Coach Megan

4 rounds:
200m run
20 burpees

Wednesday, 6/24
Bottoms Up- by Coach Jeremy

40 air squats
200m sprint
30 squats
200m sprint
20 squats
200m sprint
10 squats
200m sprint

Thursday, 6/25
by Coach Jeremy

20 bell hops
20m sprint
20 skiers
Sprint rest of 100 m from the sprint above. Recover on walk back.

Friday, 6/26
by Coach Richie

Buy in: 800m run

3 rounds:
20 KB swings
20 KB C&J (10 on each arm)
*3 burpees EMOM*

Buy out: 800m run


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