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Join us this Saturday, 8/22, at 8:30am for our monthly FREE community workout at Townlake under the Mopac Bridge. Open to the public! RSVP HERE.

Monday 8/17
By Coach Kelly

3 minutes of work, 1 min rest
10 American swings
5/5 snatch
10 sprawls

Tuesday, 8/18
Death by Burpees

EMOM x10
10 burpees

*add 1 burpee every minute
*if you cannot complete the burpees within the minute, it becomes an amrap


Wednesday, 8/19
Gut Buster
American swings
Sit ups

Thursday, 8/20
by Coach Richie

Jumping lunges
Goblet Squats
American  swings


Plank hold


3 rounds:
200m run
10 Lat jumps (L+R=1)
5 burpees

Max Effort Thrusters

*2min on/2 off

Friday, 8/21
by Coach Richie

AMRAP x12mins
200m run
6/6 KB snatch
12 push ups


3 rounds (partner):
10 MB overhead soccer pass
10 rotating backwards pass Right
10 rotating backwards pass Left

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