Urban Throwdown Event 3: All Aboard

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EVENT 3- All Aboard

20 minute AMRAP-

3 rounds:
Sled push (down & back)
10 KB cleans
10 partner wall ball tosses over a yoke

Group 600m run with 20lb med ball

DESCRIPTION: 1 athlete pushes the sled down and back while the other athlete is completing 10 kettlebell (KB) cleans. The other 2 athletes are waiting until the sled and KB clean combo are complete. Once completed the remaining 2 teammates start the sled and KB combo while the other 2 teammates complete 10 partner wall ball tosses over a yoke. Then the next 2 teammates begin the wall ball toss.

3 total rounds are performed of this combination.

All 4 team mates run 600 meters with 20lb med ball.

If time remaining, start back over.

Kettlebell: 35lb Women, 53lb Men
Sled: 45lb plate Women, 45lb + 25lb plate Men
Med ball: 20lb Men & Women

The team with the most accumulated points over the 3 workouts is crowned the winner. Every event is 20 minutes of work to accumulate points. Each workout is performed as an AMRAP (as many reps as possible).


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