Urban Throwdown Event 1: Jet Setting

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EVENT 1- JET SETTING {Pack your Bags you’re going on a TRIP}

20 minute AMRAP-

50 sandbag get-ups

2 partners:
400m sandbag run w@60lb

2 partners:
5 rounds:
Farmers carry–10 suitcase deadlifts–Farmers carry


50 tire flips

DESCRIPTION: As a team complete 50 sandbag get-ups (SBGU). The athlete starts on the ground with the bag with at least 1 shoulder blade on the ground. The rep is complete once the athlete stands all the way up and ends back in the start position (each athlete must perform 5 reps). If you need assistance on the sandbag get-up–> the athlete moving the sandbag must position the sandbag their self on the shoulder when lying down. A teammate can use the handles and deadlift the bag and help guide the sandbag to the top of the get-up. The athlete must bring the sandbag back to the start position by their self. (see Facebook page for a video)

2 athletes take off on a 400m run with 1 person carrying a 60lb sandbag on their shoulders. Athletes must run together and can switch off carrying the sandbag at anytime.

The other 2 athletes are completing the following:
Farmers carry down 20 yards, 10 suitcase kettlebell deadlifts, farmers carry back.
5 total trips between you and your partner.

Once the athletes complete the run and farmers carry, the partners switch and do the same run and farmers carry.

After both the run and farmers carry are complete, as a team complete 50 tire flips. Up to 2 people at a time can flip the tire.

If time is still remaining, start the entire workout over.

Sandbags- 60lb Women/ 90lb Men
Kettlebells- 35lb Women, 53lb Men

The team with the most accumulated points over the 3 workouts is crowned the winner. Every event is 20 minutes of work to accumulate points. Each workout is performed as an AMRAP (as many reps as possible).

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