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Ty has been attending the corporate wellness class at Statoil for only 4 months and has LOST 25LBS! Ty writes–


The camp is very convenient in a busy life. Being able to work out during lunch helps me force myself to go, because I have no other excuses. It also makes my work day go by faster! After a long day of work the last thing that I really want to do is drive to a gym and spend another hour of my day that I can’t get back. I have other obligations after work majority of the time. Lastly having friends working out beside you and a coach pushing you definitely helped me reach my goals. I mean honestly I don’t think you could pay me to do 75 burpees in a day if I wasn’t in this class.


The following have been keys to my success:

  • Be conscious of what you eat. It’s not always calories in calories out. It’s the macros in those calories that play a big role. Cut sugar down!! Up protein intake!
  • Stay consistent in your workout regimen. Doing so will make you continuously think about your food choices and lifestyle.
  • Get around people that motivate you to be a better person. The wise say “always surround yourself with smarter people than you are,” working out is no different.
  • Drink a lot of water….Soft drinks are bad! And really not even that good besides for DP.
  • Educate yourself on food, and always have cheat meals in your week. It will keep you from getting worn out.
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