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Monday, 8/24
by Coach Kelly

This is done making a full 400 m lap

Partner 1: 10 dual suitcase deadlift then 10 dual front rack walking lunges

Switch with partner. P2 does 10 suitcase deadlifts then 10 front rack walking lunge. (Partner rests while other works)


After both finish 2 rds of 10 deadlift and 10 walking lunge. Both will do 10 pushups on kettlebells.

Repeat this until the team makes a full 400m lap with the KB movements

Tuesday, 8/25
Adrenaline Rush- by Coach Megan

EMOM x10
3 Curtis Ps
3 burpees

Wednesday, 8/26
Filthy Fast- by Coach Megan

Squat clean
100m sprint

Thursday, 8/27
by Coach Megan

9 dual KB sumo deadlifts
6 dual KB lunges
3 dual KB overhead

Partner 1 completes the KB complex. Partner 2 can rest or run 25m down & 25m back and then hold glute bridge until partner finishes KB complex

Friday, 8/28
by Coach Megan

5 rounds:
7/7 bent over rows
9/9 curtsy squats
11 power swings
100m sprint

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