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Monday, 1/5

Octane by Coach Lucy
5 rounds:
10 Jump squats
15 American swings
10 Goblet squats
15 Russian swings

Tuesday, 1/6

Cyanide by Coach Jess
EMOM x 8
10 Squat Jumps
10 Lunge Jumps
5 American Swings

Wednesday, 1/7

Downfall by Coach Chelsea
6 mins to complete:
50 V ups
50 OHS
ME burpees in remaining time


Thursday, 1/8

For time:
800m Run
30 Snatches 15R/15L
30 Burpees over KB

Friday, 1/9

1 min at each station: x 3 rounds

  1. Dual Deadlifts
  2. 15m Shuttles
  3. Dual Squat Cleans
  4. Mtn. climbers
  5. Rest

Partner them up so that they can use dual KB and have one of them start on the KB ones and the other start at the body weight station.

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