Murderous Med Balls

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Monday, 2/23

by Coach Lucy

Clean and Press (each side)
Goblet Squats
Cash out: 50 Situps

Tuesday, 2/24

Murderous Med Balls- by Coach Kelly

400 m run w/ MB
100 MB slams
50 MB froggers in place( hands on ball, bringing both feet up, not sure if that is the right name)
100 MB Russian twist
50 MB situps
200m run w/MB

Wednesday, 2/25

by Coach Lucy

3 rounds:
10 Jump Squats / Goblet Squats /  Goblet Jump Squats
15 Sprawls / Pushups / Burpees
20 Russian Swings / H2H Swings / American Swings
200m Run

* First round you do Jump Squats, Sprawls, Russian Swings. Second round you do Goblet Squats, Pushups, H2H Swings. Third Round etc. You are progressing through each movement.


Thursday, 2/26

5 rounds:
Dual KB complex:
7 front squats
5 cleans
3 shoulder to overhead
*partner 1 does KB complex, partner 2 does 10 scapular retraction and performs situps the remaining time.

Friday, 2/27

Buy-In: 50 KB Russian Twists
100m Run
20 Burpees
20 Sit-ups

200m Run
15 Burpees
15 Sit-ups

400m Run
10 Burpees
10 Sit-ups

200m Run
15 Burpees
15 Sit-ups

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