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Monday, 11/17

Push the Ladder– by Coach Lucy

400m run
10 Pushup + K2E (after every pushup, complete a knee to elbow on the right and left)
20 2-hand Push Press
25 Russian Swings
30 2-hand chest press (laying down)
25 Russian Swings
20 Push Press
10 Pushup + K2E
400m run

Tuesday, 11/18

The Slayer– by Coach Megan

3 minute AMRAP:
400m run then complete as many American swings for remaining time


3 minute AMRAP:
400m run then complete as many pushups for remaining time


400m run then complete as many burpees for remaining time

Wednesday, 11/19

Lead Feet- by Coach Megan

Buy in: 100 squats
3 rounds:
200m run
20 lunges
20 deadlift
20 tuck jumps

Thursday, 11/20

Buy in: 800m run
5 rounds:
30 toe taps (L, R =1)
20 dual mountain climbers
10 jump squats
Cash out: 400m run

Friday, 11/21

Dual KB complex x5 sets:

9 suitcase deadlift
7 cleans
5 squats

*other partner runs 25m down and back and then goes into situps until partner finishes complex

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