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Join us this Saturday, 7/11, for our monthly FREE community workout at Townlake under the Mopac Bridge. Open to the public!

Monday, 7/6
by Coach Kelly

10 Russian swings
20 toe taps  (on bell)
10 burpees,9,8,7,…..1

Repeat and descend by one burpee every round.

Tuesday, 7/7
Bomb by Coach Chelsea

For time:
75 push ups
75 hollow rocks
75 squat jumps

*run 200m every time you break and between movements
15 min cap

Wednesday, 7/8
Burn by Coach Chelsea

2 rounds:
20 HR push ups
30 Grasshoppers (R+L=1)
20 American Swings
30 Mountain Climbers (R+L=1)

Thursday, 7/9
by Coach Lucy

Suitcase Deadlift
Front squat (hold KB in front rack position)
Push Press

* complete 5 reps of all movements on the right said, then all on the left. Once complete move to 6 reps and repeat. Continue pattern until 10 on each side are completed.

Friday, 7/10
by Coach Lucy

4 rounds:
20 lunges
15 American swings
10 2-hand press (strict if possible)
5 burpees

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