Free workout on Saturday!

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Join us this Saturday, 1/24, at 8:30am at Townlake under the Mopac Bridge for a FREE community workout. Bring a kettlebell if you have one!

Monday, 1/19
Killer Whale
– by Coach Lucy

100m run
40 HR push-ups
200m run
30 HR push-ups
300m run
20 HR push-ups
400m run
10 HR push-ups

Tuesday, 1/20
The Strangle
– by Coach Showout

4 rounds:
100m sprint
10 hollow rocks
10 situps
10 KB russian twist (L, R =2)

Wednesday, 1/21
– by Kelly Anderson

5 rounds:
20 tuck jumps
10 burpee over KB

Thursday, 1/22
800m run
3x 10/10 snatches
10 pistols (scale=lunge, lift back foot off ground, lean way forward/reach for ground, stand)
800m run

Friday, 1/23

Partner workout-
100 ball slams
50 dual KB squats
75 burpees
100 lunges
50 dual cleans

**Partner 1 runs 50m while partner 2 starts the chipper. Partners are either running are doing a movement the entire time.

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