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Registration for the Urban Throwdown opens next week! Check out the movements that will be included in this year’s event HERE.

Don’t miss our monthly FREE community workout this Saturday, 4/11, 1t 8:30am at Palm Park. Parking available across the street at CrossFit Central Downtown.

Monday, 4/6
Demolition by Coach Lucy

2 Rounds:
3x on Right side THEN 3x on left side
5 SA Push Press
5 SA Thruster
5 SA Front squat


20 American Swings

Tuesday, 4/7
Suffocation by Coach Chelsea

5 rounds:
200m run
10 dual Russian swings
10 dual squats
10 burpees

Rest 1:1/ or while partner works

Wednesday, 4/8
Amputation by Coach Chelsea

7 min AMRAP:
50m shuttle run
20 squats
20 sit ups

*set cones 10m apart for a total of 50m. Run to first cone and back peddle back, run to second cone and back peddle back, etc.

Thursday, 4/9

7min AMRAP:
100m sprint
20 jump lunges
15 power swings


5min AMRAP:
10 jump squats
10 butterfly situps


3min AMRAP:
5/5 squat clean
5 burpees

Friday, 4/10

cowboy squats
1-hand clean
400m run

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