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We are excited to kick off 2016 with everyone!  In January the focus will be STAMINA, February is STRENGTH, and March is SPEED. We will start back over with stamina in April.

The monthly free workouts have received an upgrade! Each month we are partnering with a local business to host a free workout that everyone is invited.

We introduce you to FLEX in the CITY!

This Saturday, 1/9, at 9am join us at Picnik Austin on S. Lamar. The person who brings the most friends receives a free drink on us!

4 rounds:
400m run
20 American swings
20 goblet squats

*If you set down the KB, 3 burpee penalty.

17 minute cut-off

50 KB step-ups
50 russian swings
400m run
30 KB step-ups
30 russian swings
400m run
10 KB step-ups
10 russian swings
400m run

*17 minute cut-off

800m run

50 situps
40 lunge pass throughs
30 1-arm push press
20 pushups
10 burpees

800m run

Go back up the ladder

*20 minute cutoff

Buy in: 400m run
20/20 Bent Over Row
Farmer Walk 100m
20/20 lateral lunges
Farmer Walk 100m
40 American Swings
Farmer Walk 100m
20/20 lateral Lunges
Farmer Walk 100m
Cash out: 400m run

*17 minute cutoff

Partner workout:
100 ball slams
100 KB squat cleans
100 push press
100 broad jumps
100 hand-release pushups

*When 1 partner is doing the work, the other partner is running 25m down and 25m back, then they switch.

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