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Save the date for March 5th for the next FLEX in the CITY at 100 Pizzitas at 10am on the back porch followed by sangria and brunch! RSVP HERE.

MONDAY, 2/15
by Coach Megan

5 rounds:
Partner 1:
7 dual squats with 3 sec pause at bottom
7 dual cleans

Partner 2:  10 suitcase sit-ups and holds static glute bridge hold until partner finishes KB complex

by Coach Megan

5 total rounds:
Partner 1: 8 pushups with 3 second count to lower + 10 plank knee to elbow
Partner 2: dual KB suitcase lunges while partner 1 is working

by Coach Megan

4 rounds:
10 alternating pistols
10 perfect pushups (put feet on med ball if you have mastered a good pushup)
5/5 STRICT press

by Coach Megan

Partner 1: 7 dual russian swings + 7 dual KB squats with 3-breath pause at the top of squat

Partner 2: Run 25m down and back. Hold a plank or rest until partner 1 finishes

x5 rounds

FRIDAY, 2/19
by Coach Megan

Partner 1: 12 dual KB sumo deadlift + 12 dual KB suitcase lunges
Partner 2: 15 med ball ham roll + plank hold (hold plank on med ball if feeling spicy)

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