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Beginning in June and moving forward, the 1st Thursday of the month will be our monthly event– Work Hard, Play Hard.

Join the Relentless team for a quick 30 minute workout at 6:00pm at Palm Park (WORK HARD), and then happy hour directly after (PLAY HARD) on June 4th. This month we will walk over to Handlebar in our workout clothes and enjoy the rest of the evening. Each month we will hit up a different spot for happy hour.

This monthly event is open to the public. Bring your friends and get in a nice sweat before heading out for your regular Thursday night drinks. Monday, 5/25


Bro Sesh- by Coach Nader

4 Rounds:
10/10 KB Floor Press
20 KB Curls
10 Push-Ups
10/10 KB Bent Over Rows

Tuesday, 5/26
Don’t stop, won’t stop- by Coach Lucy

10 min cap-
10 goblet jump squats
20 Russian swings
10/10 SA press

* remaining time – AMRAP
15 situps
5 burpees
15 supermans

Wednesday, 5/27
Double the Fun- by Coach Lucy

5 Rounds- Dual KB
10 suitcase deadlift
20m farmers carry
5 cleans
20m front rack carry
10 shoulder to overhead
20m OH carry

* other partner completes squats and/or jump squats*

Thursday, 5/28
Burrrrrrn- by Coach Showout

100 jumping lunges
400m run

7 minute time cap

Friday, 5/29
by Coach Showout

400m run

10 to 1
Power swing

400m run


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