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Monday 2/16

Black Plague- by Coach Jess
EMOM x 6
4 single arm Squat Cleans *switch every round
Burpees *remaining amount of time
(3 rounds on right arm/ 3 rounds on left arm)

Tuesday, 2/17

Divorce- by Coach Chelsea
Partner WOD
100 american swings
400m run w/ 1 KB (run together, pass kb as much as needed)
75 swings
200m run w/ 1 KB
50 swings
100m run w/ 1 KB
25 swings

*both partners must hold kb during the swings. They can set one down when they run.

Wednesday, 2/18

Runnin Gun- by Coach Kelly
Partner 1: run 100m with MB, complete 20 MB situps, 20 MB slams, run back with ball
Partner 2: while P1 is working P2 is doing American swings until back with ball.


3 Rounds

Score: total # of American swings

Thursday, 2/19

10 min AMRAP:
10 push press
10 deadlift
10 broad jumps
Finish with 800m run for time

Score: 800m time

Friday, 2/20

5×10 dual front squats
other partner performs 5 pushups and holds plank

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