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Monday, 4/20

by Coach Kelly

10/10 cleans
10 burpees

400 m run
10/10 snatch
10 burpees

Tuesday, 4/21

by Coach Kelly

4 rounds:
5/5 floor press
On last press 1 TGU on each arm
10 Squat clean
10 swings

Wednesday, 4/22

Addiction by Coach Jess

5 Renegade Rows *push up row R push up row L = 1
40yd run down and back
10 Overhead Lunges *Holding KB OVH -R +L=1

*scale down to front rack or suitcase hold as needed

40yd run down and back

Thursday, 4/23

by Coach Kelly

Buy in: 20 burpees

3 rounds:
200m run
20 push press
20 toe 2 bell

Cash out: 20 burpees

Friday, 4/24

by Coach Megan

Goblet squat jumps
Alternating lateral KB lunges
Russian swings
400m run

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