2014 Success Story: James

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unnamed7I started Relentless Boot Camp at age 49 in hopes to get healthier. After a year of going to my boot camp classes, I dropped some weight and toned up – but then an injury derailed me both physically and mentally.

The loss of my dad on Father’s Day a little over a year ago started the downward spiral to my health. After weighing in at 298 lbs and having a flight attendant ask if I needed a seat-belt extender I knew I needed to get back to my boot camp classes. I rejoined Relentless Boot Camp and finally started working on my diet, which had been an elusive process in the past.

I had played rugby since college and at a decent level when I was younger, but now I’m in the “Old Man’s” rugby league. Before my weight loss I was big and slow. Now I’m more agile able to play the sport I have always enjoyed with more stamina and strength.

Just a year ago I weighed in at 298 lbs. I’m now at 225 lbs with only 10 more to go until I reach my goal! I have also toned up quite a bit. I recently bought a suit jacket that was a 48 regular – my last suit I bought last year was a 56 regular. I’m going be broke if I continue to buy new clothes! Also, this past summer, my physical concluded that my blood test levels were back to normal for all categories. I was even able to play in a rugby tournament with men 20 years younger. I held my own and had fun!

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